Zero Commission Estate Agency

There’s not a day that goes by where our TV screens aren’t subjected to the promotion of “cheap” fees to sell your home. There’s an ever increasing army of online agencies who can sell your home for next to nothing as the phrase “commissary” becomes a staple of the English language.

Hats off to these modern agencies, they’ve really turned the heads of many sellers with common questions being asked such as “what does my commission-based agent actually offer me?” or “why should I pay 3 times more to sell my property with an agent who charges commission?”.

We aren’t dismissing the low rates as a viable option for the future of property sales but we do heed a warning to those who think Estate Agents simply have to list a property for sale!

We say, each to their own. When you consider listing your property for sale, ask yourself the following questions:

  • If I pay upfront to sell my property, is my agent going to motivated to get me the highest price for my property?
  • Once I’ve parted with my upfront fee, will my agent give me the right advice for me or will they give me the advice that’s right for them?
  • I’ve paid my fee but am I going to get value for money? Do my property photos stand out and is my description up to the standard that will attract a buyer?
  • Am I prepared to handle my own viewings? Do I know what to say to a potential buyer to truly present my home as the right choice?
  • Do I have the time to do my own viewings? How many viewings might it take for me to receive an offer?
  • What offer should I accept? How do I negotiate my sale and is my buyer proceedable? Are they in a chain? How long is the chain and when can I expect to complete on the sale?
  • How do I handle enquiries from the various legal departments? Why do I need a property survey? How often do I need to speak to my solicitor? Whose going to tell me how my sale is progressing?
  • You need to be able to answer all of the above to know which agent to choose. Zero commission, Do-it-yourself packages work really well for some but the problem is, the work of an agent who provides the full service from start to finish, shouldn’t be dismissed.

As an independent agency, we have the flexibility to tailor our business to suit the expectations and aspirations of many people. We are happy to offer our Essentials package with a one-off upfront fee to those who are comfortable to handle the bulk of their sale once listed online.

Our fee isn’t quite as low as some other zero commission agents and that’s because we strongly believe that you need professional photography and an engaging property listing.

If you are going to handle your own viewings, our “viewing masterclass” will help you to present your property to attract a sale at maximum price. You’ll get a featured listing at the very top of RightMove and we will put your property on other major portals, social media and of course, our website.

Your property sale is all about you and the result YOU deserve. If you prefer the full support of an agent from start to completion, our commission packages are fairly priced and are payable based on the results we achieve.

You won’t have the stress of handling viewings or negotiating the best price for your property. You won’t have to deal with solicitors or managing the chain. You can sit back and relax whilst we navigate you from offer to completion.

There’s a place for commission agents as much as there’s a place for fixed upfront fees. You’ve just got to make sure you choose the type of sale you are prepared to handle. With us, you aren’t fixed to any one choice.

If you decide, part way through the sales process that the upfront fee, DIY approach isn’t working for you, we can bolt on services to suit your needs. You can even switch to a commission based service.