Creating the perfect home office!

With many of us staying at home right now and working remotely, the opportunity to create the perfect home office allows you to remain connected without leaving your beautiful new Cornish surroundings!

If ditching the commute permanently is a major part of your long-term plan, it’s an important thing to consider when viewing any new property. If this is the case then let us know and we can help steer you towards a Cornish property with home-working potential. 

Whether it’s a spare upstairs bedroom or a converted space at the end of the garden, we’ve got some top tips for maximising wellbeing in your new home office.

Seek out natural light

When deciding on where you home office will be, ask yourself where are the windows and which direction do they face? Ideally the room be full of natural light during your most productive hours of the day.  

Most people work better and feel better if they are exposed to high levels of natural light. 

Other simple natural lighting tips include making sure that your curtain fabric isn’t covering up too much of the glass, and consider adding a natural daylight lamp to boost light levels in the winter. 

A comfortable chair and desk is essential

If you’re going to spend several hours of your day sitting at work, make sure there’s ample space in your chosen room for a comfortable chair. 

Space-saving stools can be handy, but an ergonomic option is often worth the investment. For some, a balance ball is the way to go.

When you’re working on a computer, make sure that your back is happy. Simple laptop mounts or adjustable moving height desks are all designed to support a healthy posture even when you’re concentrating for long hours. Try and vary your position if possible – don’t get stuck like a statue! 

Add some greenery

Incorporating houseplants into your interior design isn’t just a millennial trend. Succulents, ferns and flowers all add texture and colour to your workspace as well as purifying the air you’re breathing throughout the day. 

Some are easier to keep healthy than others, so choose your plants carefully depending on the conditions in the room, and incorporate plant care into your daily work routine.  

A room of your own or shared space? 

Some remote workers relish the opportunity to close the door and shut off the outside world, but others enjoy the fluidity of working alongside the rest of the household. 

The dog might snooze at your feet, or you might hear the kids playing in the garden – we think these are the best kinds of interruption!

However if you’re part of a busy household it’s worth setting some ground rules to set the boundaries between ‘family’ and ‘work’.  For example agree that mornings will be a quiet time with no loud noise or interruptions, and afternoons will be a bit more relaxed, with frequent tea breaks welcome! 

Customised to suit YOU 

Most importantly, the joy of a home office is that it can be customised to suit you and your needs

Spend some time thinking about what you want out of your workspace. Do you like creative clutter or clean lines? Fabric accessories for comfort or functional filing systems? 

By being in control of your own office, and creating the perfect space, your most productive habits can be cultivated and developed – ready for your new ‘working from home’ lifestyle here in Cornwall.

If working from home in Cornwall is a major factor in your house hunt, let us know. Our team will be happy to help you find the perfect property which blends work and play!

Main image courtesy of Pentire Headland, designed by Hops and Camellias.

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