The New Location Essentials: Forget commuting distances, these are the things buyers want today.

Gone are the days when proximity to a train station or major road was a priority for house hunters. With home working here to stay, commuting distances just don’t matter anymore. So, what are the new location essentials which can tip the balance for property buyers? 

We’ve been watching the property market evolve here in Cornwall from our St Ives and Wadebridge offices and, as all good estate agents do, we listen intently to the priorities of our clients – whether they’re buying or selling. 

With more of us based at home all the time, lifestyle factors on the doorstep are more important than travel connections. While local schools will always be a factor for families looking to move, the desire for a healthy lifestyle and a vibrant local community are more important than ever.

So, here are our thoughts on the location factors swaying buyers in today’s market. Although based entirely on anecdotal evidence, we think you’ll agree that having these things in close proximity would make for a great work-life balance! 

Great neighbourhood coffee shops

The idea of strolling out for a morning coffee before returning to the home office is an attractive one. Coffee shops are a great place to strike up a rapour with your neighbours or fellow office-exiles, and hold informal meetings with colleagues or fellow freelancers away from the detritus of home life.

Check out our guide to the best coffee shops in Cornwall. Even if you’re not looking to buy or sell, these locations are worth knowing about! 

Shared offices and coworking spaces 

For office exiles who can’t or don’t want to work from home, the shared office space or communal work hub is an excellent halfway house. There are many of these spaces operating in Cornwall with vastly different specs.

The beauty of co-workspaces is that they allow you to operate on your own terms, but without the feeling of complete isolation of home working. They are great places to kick-start collaborations, bounce ideas off others, and build community connections.

Here’s our round-up of some of the workspaces currently operating in Cornwall – essential reading if you’re looking to relocate without sacrificing your career goals. 

Outdoor playgrounds, for grown-ups!

For many people, permanent home-working means relocating, and part of the attraction of places like Cornwall is the opportunity for a healthy, active lifestyle. Popping out for a jog on your lunchbreak, or grabbing your surfboard at the end of the day, is what many home-seekers are dreaming of right now…

As Cornish estate agents of many years, we know this part of the world like the back of our hand! We’ve written about everything from forest walks to paddleboarding, cycle routes to sea swimming, so we can confirm that Cornwall is dotted with awesome outdoor playgrounds for grown-ups! 

Great local food

Popping down to the local farmers market, tucking into fresh seafood and trying your hand at outdoor cooking is all part of the appeal for those looking for a new home in Cornwall. 

Cornwall has an incredible food scene (not to mention produces craft beer, artisan spirits and amazing wine!) If you’re looking to sell your property in Cornwall, make sure you choose an estate agent who will shout about this and other lifestyle factors from the rooftops!

New modes of transport

With our lifestyles changing, and climate change becoming an ever-greater concern, many people are choosing to ditch vehicle ownership in favour of hiring electric transport for occasional journeys. 

If you’re using a car less it makes perfect sense to rid yourself of the cost of tax and servicing, plus it means a garage and/or off-road parking creeps down the list of property priorities too…

There are various e-car hire clubs at the moment, and this is sure to be an area of growth. There are also several great companies offering e-bike hire in Cornwall; whether for business or pleasure, this is a great way of getting from A to B. 

Knowledge of the local area is so important when it comes to buying and selling houses, which is why the Harding Laity team are considered Cornwall property experts. We’re full of ideas for living the Cornish dream, and our St Ives and Wadebridge estate agents offices are the first port of call for anyone looking to buy or sell a house in Cornwall.  

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