Should I do my own house viewings?

Who is the best person to conduct viewings of my property? Why should I let my estate agent do my viewings? What can they do that I can’t?

Are these questions familiar? No doubt, if you have ever sold a house, you will probably have asked yourself these questions, amongst others.

It’s not easy handing over all the responsibility of selling your property to someone else, and let’s face it, you know it better than anyone.

That is not, however, always a good thing! In this guide, we would like to explain why it’s always best to use a good agent to conduct viewings. Read on and find out why:

Your agent will see things that you don’t

For example, the best selling features. Since you see your house every day, you are likely to take things for granted and miss things that may be perfect selling points.  

On the other hand, you may give too much away about your house and put people off. Your agent sees your house through fresh eyes and can spot all the strengths and weaknesses, and knows how to use them. 

Viewers will be far more honest with their feedback when viewing with an agent

If the house owner conducts a viewing, the viewer may feel on edge and therefore won’t feel they can give open and honest feedback. They may also be more conscious of talking to you than actually looking at your house and what it has to offer.

Objections can be overcome immediately

If your viewers have a query or an objection, they are more likely to bring this up with the agent as they don’t have to worry about hurting feelings or insulting someone.  

An example might be that the bathroom is too small – an agent will overcome this problem by giving achievable suggestions, for example, moving a wall or moving the bathroom into another room.

They will probably be able to give them positive examples of other clients who have done the same. Viewers will not share their concerns with the owners.

The agent will arrive early to ‘stage’ the house for the viewing

If you have chosen your agent well, they will take the time to prepare your home, for example, turn on lamps, switch kitchen down-lighters on, plump cushions, open or close doors to show off the space to its best.

Moving bins out of sight, ensure curtains are all open wide for maximum light, and so on. Agents know what sells houses and we will do everything we can to get that offer.

Estate agents are ultimately sales people

They know exactly how much or how little to say. An agent will give the information required, without overloading the viewers with every detail.  

Thinking time is really important and your viewers need time to take everything in and feel and connect 
with the house.  

Female viewers in particular must feel emotionally connected to a house, and they can’t do this if they are not given enough space.

Estate agents will lead the viewing in the best order 

To ensure the house is shown at its absolute best, your estate agent will start the viewing in the best downstairs room, the wow room, and finish in the same room (double wow)!

They will also show the bedrooms off in the best order too (smallest to largest) so the master bedroom appears bigger.

An agent will be able to extract important details about the viewers 

For example, where they are moving from, what they are looking for, what buying position they are in, if they have viewed any similar properties, what they think of your property (good and bad), why they have ruled previous properties out, and so on.  

This all helps to build up a picture of their wants and needs, so the agent can work even harder to overcome any obstacles or queries on your behalf.

A good estate agent, and we emphasise the word ‘good’, will inherently be a‘people’ person 

Therefore they will be well practiced in the art of building positive relationships with others, in other words, they will get on great with your potential buyers and this will lead to honest chat and friendly conversation. People buy people!

As you can see, there are probably far more reasons than you first thought. Estate agents are genuinely interested in property and people, so leave your viewings to the experts!

We hope you enjoyed this article, and if you want to read more, do check out our other seller’s guides.

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