Our top tip to combating mould in your home!

Fighting mould and condensation has become somewhat of a game in our house. We are constantly weighing up how long can we leave it or how bad can it get, before we have to empty the room and reach for the bleach?

Mould is something that we don’t talk about enough, like a renovation ghost, haunting our homes- mould has a way of getting to you during those dark winter months. In a world of beautiful interiors, it’s difficult not to lose hope when you’re looking that freshly painted wall counting down the days until you are on your knees again, chemicals in hand – scrubbing at the skirting boards.

As we enter a Third National Lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic many of us are looking at those damp, mouldy and cold rooms with dread and fear, but rather than lose hope, we ask you to get your DIY hat on and search for your anti-mould solution.

You can always look into insulating your home, although normally a costly solution the Green Homes Grant is here to give you a helping hand this winter. To find out if you are eligible, head on over the grants official website and find out more…

Alternatively, for those of you with a tight budget and DIY attitude we have just the thing for you, ThermoProtect has just released an innovative anti-mould paint that fights condensation and mould, leaving you with a luxury finish.

To eliminate the damp and mould growth, ceramic microspheres in this revolutionary anti-mould paint expand to release moisture from within whilst compacting to prevent damp from entering through your walls. This leaves you with a mould and damp free surface and a thermally efficient blanket. The seamless, monolithic paint membrane prevents mould from attacking the surface and growing on your walls.

One of the major points to mention about this anti-mould paint is that you can paint over it, currently only available in white which allows you to seal in that mould and then go mad with your desired interior colour scheme, We highly recommend that check out Lick for all those show-stopping paints!

Head over to ThermoProtect and check out their revolutionary Anti-Mould Paint if you looking for a more permanent solution to your pesky mould problem…

And kick start your next DIY project!

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