Making more space at home

Can’t see yourself moving anytime soon, but craving more space at home? This last year has seen us all dreaming of a quiet room – or even a peaceful corner – all to ourselves, but how to make that dream a reality?

We’ve got some great ideas for making more space at home. Yes, some of these require substancial investment, but our team of property experts believe you’ll get your money back, as all of these measures will increase the value of your house. 

Now everyone can have space to work from home, get creative, or do a home workout, with these cleaver ways of getting the most out of your existing property!

Install a Garden Room or Home Studio 

If you have a large enough garden, a new room completely separate from your house could be a great way of making your existing property stretch to fit your needs.

From a log cabin which serves as a teenager’s den, to an architect-designed space for your home gym or creative studio, there are inspiring options for bespoke garden rooms which fit all needs. You could even do a David Cameron and install a shepherd’s hut – perfect for writing your memoirs! 

“If you have an appropriate corner of the garden, this is a great option for making your home more liveable and freeing existing rooms from clutter,” says our Market Appraisals Manager, Jacqueline White. 

Have a Conservatory Makeover

Do you have a conservatory which is practically unusuable half the year? Often what is an idyllic space in the summer is a cold, damp write-off in the winter, leaving you stuck indoors and short on that useful extra space.

However, conservatory makeover companies and ‘warm roofs’ specialists can turn these abandoned spaces into fully usable rooms – the highlight of your home. Often planning permission isn’t required, and with the groundwork done you’re free to make of these spaces what you will. 

Our Managing Director, Richard Yeo, says: “Lightweight super-insulated roofs don’t come cheap, but when it comes to bang for buck they could be a great investment – helping create more usuable space year-round, and also reducing heating bills.”

Loft or Garage Conversion 

Converting existing spaces like lofts and garages is generally considered cheaper than adding to the footprint of your property by extending outwards. It’s also less disruptive and problematic from a planning point of view. 

According to this article, extended your living space to the loft and creating a double ensuite bedroom could add around 21% value to your property – so worth considering! 

Appraisals expert Jacqueline White says: “Depending on the age and type of your property, a garage or loft conversion could be a very effective way of creating a stylish, useful new space. For example, for those anticipating caring for elderly relatives, a cleverly converted garage could become a handy annex.”

Think inside the box…

If your budget doesn’t stretch to any of these ideas, don’t despair. Take some time to reassess the purpose of every corner of your home. Do you have a window seat or a corner of the kitchen which goes unused? Find ways of reclaiming these spaces however small and turn them into something useful. 

A window seat could become your reading room, the landing your yoga studio. Reclaim and redecorate, and that space is yours for others to respect! 

Elaine Skinner, Founder of award-winning design practice Hops and Camellias shared some great advice on this in a previous journal entry about design trends. 

“Those cosy nooks and crannies are very desirable right now. Reading corners and snugs are the subject of many an Instagram post! I think there are two reasons for this. Firstly they are easy to style beautifully – you only need a few carefully-chosen pieces to make a window seat look fantastic. 

Secondly they appeal to our increasing need for mindful moments and peaceful spaces which fulfil our wellness goals. We want to envisage ourselves reading by a window rather than watching TV, or doing yoga rather than cleaning up after the kids!”  

Lastly, if all else fails and you decide to move instead, be sure to get in touch!

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