House in the country? Here are the countryside decor trends to own in 2022!

If a house in the Cornish countryside is on your radar, you’ll want to sit up and pay attention to our latest decor trends piece! We’ve pulled together the key elements of English country interior design style to inspire you in your property search.

Cornwall is so much more than a coastline. From wooded valleys to open moorland, historic country estates to rich farmland, some of the most beautiful and sought-after locations in Cornwall are tucked away in the countryside.

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It’s never too early to start planning the look for your new home. If you’ve plumped for coastal living check out our recent journal entry here, but if it’s a cosy countryside property that’s calling you, read on…

The countryside decor trend is all about comfort and charm. It’s an escapist aesthetic that draws from period dramas, but pairs antique furniture with modern art in a confident clash of eras and styles.

 Countryside decorating is colour-filled, cosy, eclectic and individualistic, with no shortage of ornaments. Its attractive ‘busyness’ makes it the perfect counter aesthetic to the minimalist trend that’s been dominating decor styles in recent years.

 We’ve curated the key elements of the country decor aesthetic to help you recreate this fun and comforting look at home.

More is more! 

Forget minimalism and sleek lines. The country decor style lends itself perfectly to the recent ‘cluttercore’ trend that’s taken over interior design Pinterest boards. Described as ‘joyfully maximalist’, #cluttercore celebrates ‘creative chaos’, offering “vibrant (but never grimy) explosions of colour and texture, patterns and prints, kitsch against classic.”Bel Jacobs, BBC Design

This new branch of maximalism celebrates displaying personal belongings proudly in homes, encouraging a more eclectic, ‘busy’ approach to homeware. Instagram has been the catalyst for the growth in this trend in the past few years, with accounts celebrating #Cluttercore gaining popularity.

To achieve this style, don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and colours in your upholstery. One or two pieces clashing pieces might look odd at first, but build it up layer by layer and it’ll start to work!

Don’t rush dressing your rooms – adorn your surfaces with the knickknacks and collectables that you’re drawn to and build up your style over time. It’s all about enjoying curating your personal space and telling a story throughout the surfaces of your home. 

Layered up, lived in spaces 

Plants, prints, pillows, blankets and books are all key to country decor and can go a long way to making a space feel finished and lived in.

A big part of this style is letting go of the overall aesthetics. Rather than getting fixated on the room as a whole, find a key piece of furniture you love – an armchair, or a coffee table for example – and craft the space around it. 

Another key tip is to avoid matchy-matchy furniture sets – the best rooms look as though they’ve been gradually decorated over time rather than in one trip to the furniture store!

Period drama settings, reimagined 

Country decor embraces exuberant mismatching, criss-crossing periods and styles. Many have attributed the birth of maximalism to British textile designer William Morris, with his intricate, colourful designs for wallpaper, tapestries, tiles and textiles. His 19th century designs, which also look incredible combined with more modern furniture and art, exemplify this aesthetic.

Add in little nods to history and contemporary style by pairing antiques with more modern pieces or upcycling old furniture, giving it a lick of paint and a new lease of life.

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