Get the best property photos

Good photographs are the most important marketing tool when selling your property. It’s that simple! A photograph really does speak a thousand words. It’s vital to ensure that your house looks its absolute best as ultimately this is what will lead to a sale; photos are the first thing that any buyer notices.

Imagine you are thinking of moving, and scanning the hundreds of properties which are being advertised in your chosen area. What would make you hit the click button on your laptop to check the details of a particular property? Chances are it would be the main photograph of course.

Your main photo must entice your potential buyers to take a nibble on the bait. We have come up with a list of what we consider to be the most important things you can do to ensure your photographs attract those buyers.

Fabulous photos sell houses

Sunny exterior photographs. If the photographer visits on a dull, grey day, ask them to pop back and re-take them on a sunny day at a later date. Any good estate agent will be happy to do this for you, as we know that good photos sell houses.

Interior photos 

Photographs of the interior will also look much more attractive on a bright day, particularly if the rooms have a lot of natural light anyway. You might, for example, have a certain room that you enjoy spending time in, where the sun streams in every morning; if this is the case, mention it to your agent/photographer so that they can get that perfect shot. 

The heart of the home  

After the exterior front shot, the kitchen photo is the next most important in line, being the heart of the home. Here is a list of tasks to tick off before your photographer calls: clear all surfaces, pack away clutter, make sure appliances are sparkling clean, clear the sink and drainer.

Take all kids’ pictures down, remove fridge magnets, polish any chrome electrical appliances, pack away anything that doesn’t fit the colour scheme, and last but certainly not least, place a beautiful fresh bunch of flowers on the table or windowsill. 

If your kitchen has under-cupboard lights, particularly spotlights, make sure they are all turned on. The light will reflect off shiny surfaces and add warmth and interest to the image. Pet bowls, pet beds and pets should be hidden – we know you love your pet but your potential buyer might not.

Make the bathroom sparkle

A good picture will emphasise any sparkling surfaces and the light will bounce off them, looking fabulous on your photos. Gleaming surfaces will look amazing, so polish and scrub until your arms are falling off! Pack away any shampoo bottles, conditioners, razors, creams, extra toilet rolls, or anything personal that clutters the room.

No one wants to see surfaces cluttered with other people’s belongings. Minimalism is the key when preparing your bathroom for photographs. The less that is visible, the better. Think hotel bathroom and you won’t go far wrong. 

Fresh, airy, relaxing bedrooms

Bedrooms should look clean, fresh and welcoming. Change bedding to something pale and crisp. Think hotel room – minimal, clean and fresh. Hide away any clutter from surfaces, such as perfume bottles, books, alarm clock and clothes. De-personalise the room so your viewers can imagine their own things in there. 

A charming and cosy living room 

Your living room should be a haven of comfort and tranquillity. Clear and polish any surfaces and pack away any personal photographs. Light the fire if you have one; nothing says comfort like a real fire. Lighting candles will add a calming ambiance to the room.

Lay a couple of well-chosen magazines or books on your coffee table – you want your potential buyers to be able to visualise themselves relaxing after a hard day at work. Remember, you are selling a lifestyle and not just a house. 

A welcoming entrance hall

Tidy away shoes, umbrellas, surplus coats and anything else that makes your hallway seem disordered or cluttered. If you have a lamp, turn it on to add warmth to the photos. The entrance hall is more important than you might think, and is what any visitor will see first. 

Hopefully this list of tips will help you to make sure your photos SELL!

We hope you enjoyed this article, and if you want to read more, do check out our other seller’s guides.

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