Fill your home with the most beautiful Cornish art!

We’ve recently handed over the keys to some fabulous properties here in Cornwall to their new owners. Although moving home can be stressful, it’s also an opportunity for a fresh start – including the artwork you choose to fill your home with! 

Cornwall is well-known for its artistic history and vibrant contemporary arts scene, so we’ve compiled a handy list of established and emerging artists for you to covet for your own blank canvas. Fill your home with the most beautiful Cornish art and make the inside of your property as stunning as its surroundings here in Cornwall!

Thanks to Lighthouse Gallery in Penzance, Beside The Wave in Falmouth, and The New Craftsman in St Ives for sharing their recommendations for established and emerging Cornish artists to invest in now. 

Martha Holmes

A recent Falmouth graduate, Martha is a described as a rising star on the Cornish arts scene. Martha works mainly from life, and her work is full of energy and atmosphere. Her canvases perfectly capture the drama and elemental qualities of the Cornish land and sea.

Martha’s work can be found at New Craftsman Gallery in St Ives and Beside The Wave in Falmouth. 

Gemma Pearce 

Gemma Pearce is one of Cornwall’s most popular contemporary artists. Her distinctive still life paintings are instantly recognisable for their careful composition and domestic details, juxtaposed with typical coastal scenes viewed through windows. Gemma’s work is inspired by her immediate surroundings around Penzance, Newlyn and Mousehole, where she absorbs the natural features of the coastline as well as the life of working harbours and coastal communities.

A selection of canvases by Gemma Pearce can be found at Lighthouse Gallery in Penzance. 

Kerry Harding

Kerry describes her abstract landscapes as ‘half remembered, half imagined, familiar places’ which take on an almost dream-like quality. She often includes paths to suggest a real or metaphorical journey. Kerry regularly exhibits in galleries across Cornwall and beyond, is a tutor at St Ives School of Painting and works from her studio at Krowji in Redruth.

Kerry’s work can be found at Cornwall Contemporary in Penzance and Far & Wild in Perranporth. 

Adrian Mitchell

Adrian is a talented Cornwall-based wood turner, who works in local green woods. These ‘wet’ woods are often chosen for their unpredictability; as the turned pieces dry they change character, adding an element of chance and serendipity to Adrian’s work. “Stresses in the wood determine how it shifts, folds or splits as the moisture content drops. This is what fascinates me,” explains Adrian.

Visit The New Craftsman in St Ives to view the current selection of Adrian’s work. 

  • Along the rolling North Coast
  • Framed By :Land – Sarah Woods

Sarah Woods

Sarah Woods is another recent graduate from Falmouth University whose work is also proving highly collectable. Sarah studied Fine Art and is a painter and printmaker based at Trewarveneth Studios in Newlyn. Her work is based on careful observation of the landscape before returning to the studio to work up etchings using copper and photopolymer plates. Through this painstaking process Sarah documents the landscape she has come to love. 

Sarah’s work can be found at Beside The Wave in Falmouth. 

Benjamin Warner

Ben grew up in Cornwall and studied Illustration at Falmouth School of Art. He worked in London for several years, illustrating book covers for prestigious publishing houses before returning to Cornwall and pursuing a career as a fine artist. He works in oils, building up layers on the canvas then smudging, scraping back and rubbing down until the image is perfectly poised between advancing and receding. 

Find Benjamin’s work at Lighthouse Gallery in Penzance, and Beside The Wave in Falmouth. 

Andrew Tozer

Andrew was born in Cornwall and grew up in a farming family. He believes that this intense early connection with the land laid the foundations of his art. Painting outdoors, Andrew’s work is influenced by impressionism and his style is expressive and immediate with the aim of capturing movement and light with every brushstroke.  #

Andrew’s work can be found at Beside The Wave in Falmouth and The New Craftsman in St Ives. 

Alan Stratford 

Alan moved to Cornwall in 2017 in order to paint full-time. Previously he had worked as a graphic designer in London, and a gallery owner in Wells. The move to Cornwall has provoked an exciting new phase in Alan’s painting, as he explains: “Inspired by the beauty of the Cornish landscape and the ever-changing drama of the sea and sky, I endeavour to create works which are both evocative and atmospheric.”

Alan is represented by Lighthouse Gallery in Penzance and Beside The Wave in Falmouth.

We hope this brief introduction to some of Cornwall’s most sought-after contemporary artists has inspired you to fill your home with Cornish art. There are so many great galleries in Cornwall that art-lovers will never get bored! If you want to read more, do check out our other article categories.   

Featured Image courtesy of Alan Stratford – Just you and the ocean.

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