A dose of Cornwall for your skin! Winter skincare products from Cornish shores…

Winter is hard on the skin, but help is at hand. We asked a local expert for seasonal tips on the best Cornwall-made skincare products to buy; get ready to add a dose of fresh Cornish air to your skincare routine!

Rachel Lorente of Womens Balance offers a range of soothing and renewing treatments at Chapel House and Jubilee Poolin Penzance – stunning surroundings for your ‘me time.’ 

Rachel’s Cornish skincare solutions draw on her experience of seeking out the very best products. Here she explains her approach to winter skincare.

Winter requires a different strategy

In the summer us lucky Cornish folk spend so much time outdoors that it’s easy to achieve a healthy glow, but the winter is a different matter. 

Rachel says: “The change of seasons can often leave skin feeling dry and tight, and looking dull and dehydrated. I use specific products in the winter months to counteract this; those that I recommend below I use both at home and in my bespoke treatments at Chapel House and Jubilee Pool in Penzance.”

Choose organic products and, as ever, shop local!

Rachel says: “Inlight Beauty products are 100% organic, free from synthetics and chemical fragrances, and are handmade here in Cornwall.”

She adds: “The other products I turn to all the time are Siskyn Skincare Oils. 100% natural luxury skincare made using the finest botanical oils and nothing else, they are wonderful and a little goes a long way.”  

Finally, take a holistic approach

It’s important to nourish from the inside as well, says Rachel. “Eat a balanced and nourishing diet, use seasonal produce, and cook fresh meals which incorporate as many vegetables and fruits as possible.”

“You need to be forgiving on yourself at this time of year. Stay active but also get plenty of rest. Hydrate yourself well with soothing herbal infusions and water.”

“Brisk walks on the Cornish coast also invigorate the skin – indeed the sea mist could be considered the ultimate natural facial!”

Here are Rachel’s recommended products…

Inlight Facial Cleanser – I use this cleanser year-round as it is dual acting – it both deeply cleanses and nourishes thanks to bio-active ingredients including coconut oil and shea butter. The fragrance (lavender, rosemary, cypress) is divine and I find it leaves my skin clean, smooth and radiant.

In the summer I use Inlight Face Oil to moisturise, but in the winter I switch to Inlight Deep Moisture Balm. It provides deep hydration, reduces the appearance of fine lines, aids in the skin’s own regeneration process, leaving it feeling firm and velvety soft. I use this in several of my facials as a second mask to deeply hydrate and nourish.

As a treat for self care at home during the winter, I occasionally use an Inlight Chocolate Mask, and often feature this in special seasonal treatments at Chapel House. Intensely nourishing and calming, this face mask has a decadent chocolate and orange fragrance. It’s ideal if your skin becomes ultra sensitive during the winter due to the harsh elements and increased heating at home. 

For my body I love to use Siskyns Macadamia and Myrrh Body Oil – great for massaging into the skin after a soothing and comforting bath following a long walk on the cliffs. It features a wealth of natural ingredients, all of which are deeply moisturising and full of antoxidants. The lovely fragrance (rose otto, myrrh, frankincense, geranium and lavender) will make you feel nurtured even on the greyest of days.

Thanks to Rachel for sharing those recommendations for Cornwall-made skincare products. For more insights into the Cornish lifestyle, browse the rest of our Journal; if this doesn’t make you want to move to Cornwall we don’t know what will! 

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